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Label Rewinders, Unwinders, Dispensers, Slitters, & Core Chucks


LABELMATE is your source for quality Label Rewinders, Unwinders, Dispensers, Slitters, & Core Chucks worldwide. These are the highest quality products, produced to LABELMATE’s world-class standards of excellence. We manufacture all the products we sell. LABELMATE products will solve your label handling problems while bringing you new convenience and reliability at industry-leading low prices.

LABELMATE has engineered a complete range of rugged, durable products. You can choose from very low-cost Universal Label Rewinders to High-Speed Heavy-Duty Rewinders for use in continuous-duty high-volume production environments. LABELMATE Slitters increase your small label production efficiency while LABELMATE Unwinders solve your label feed problems. Core Chucks make mounting and removing label rolls easy. The most easy-to-use, heavy-duty, and reliable products of their kind, every LABELMATE Product is built to rugged industrial-quality standards.

LABELMATE has sales, support, product engineering, and manufacturing operations in Brussels, Belgium.  LABELMATE products are available in more than 80 countries around the world. Choose LABELMATE, the “Industry Standard,” for Label Rewinders, Unwinders, Dispensers, Slitters and Core Chucks. There are thousands and thousands of LABELMATE Products working perfectly throughout the world.

Check out all LABELMATE’s high-quality products right here on this web site.

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