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Instantaneous curing of UV curing ink realizes high production efficiency. Because it is an air-cooled type, the necessary chiller is unnecessary in the water-cooled type. Irradiation window size is to a maximum of 130 mm x 29mm. Irradiation head line-up that optimally covers the printing width of our printer. Just connect signals from the printer directly! Easy to build system. Up to two irradiation heads can be controlled by each controller, and it is possible to increase the amount of light, double-sided printing, etc.

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Irradiation head lineup

UK5000-4 UK5000-2
Central wavelength 385 ± 5nm 385 ± 5nm
Dimensions of irradiation window 130mm x 29mm 65mm x 29mm
Outside dimensions 158mm x 107mm x 103mm 93mm x 107mm x 103mm
Average illuminance 3.5W/cm² 3.5W/cm²
Power consumption Maximum 250W Maximum 125W
Cooling system Air cooling Air cooling



Outside dimensions 320mm x 350mm x 180mm
function Luminescence timing Luminous light is delayed by 0 to 3,990 ms (10 ms steps) from the light emission command
Light control level 6 steps (0, 20, 40, 60, 80, 100%)
Module OFF 4LED modules are turned OFF for
each module
I/O Input Head 1 emission command, head
2 emission command, module OFF,
light control level, emergency stop,
head 2 control mode
Output Abnormal, lighting
Irradiation head connection cable length Maximum 5m
Power supply AC100V
Power consumption Maximum 900W (2 heads)

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