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Operation linkage Checker

It is not only easy to operate.
It is full of particular functions.
Printing inspection device.
After reading the barcode, it checks against the text. It can be used not only for quality control of barcode printing, but also, for example, for checking the mixture of different species of materials etc. By adopting the 10.4-inch large colour touch panel, required things can be easily found out of a large number of parameters. If it is combined with our inkjet printer, it can be used to start/stop, change product type, change inspection character strings, numbering reset, and automatic synchronization function of system clock. In addition to saving the labour of operation, it reduces human errors such as typing errors.

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Registered product type number Maximum 1000 types
Number of cameras 1 or 2
Two places can be inspected with 1 camera (with condition)
Type of inspection characters Up to 20 letters can be registered for numbers and other characters.
Other than that it is existence.
Inspection contents Incorrect printing, lack of printing, misalignment of printing position,
inclination of printing, printing existence, dot omission, printing density
Number of inspection characters Up to 20 characters per area (Up to 4 inspection areas can be set per camera)
Date time inspection Compliant with our printer specifications
Numbering inspection Compliant with our printer specifications
Character assignment function Compliant with our printer specifications
Bar code inspection ITF, JAN, CODE39, CODE128, QR, DataMatrix
Mark inspection Pattern matching function using arbitrary images
Number of images saved Up to 9.4 million copies (in the case of JPEG images)
※ Upgradeable to hard disk that can save 37.6 million cards (option)
Input / Output signal Input 16 points: Type switching, inspection prohibition, etc.
Output 12 points: OK / NG, uner operation and processing, continuous NG, alarm etc.
I/O USB2.0x4, RS-232Cx1
Processing power 60 milliseconds in 1 image of 10 characters. (it changes with conditions)
Power supply Less than AC100V
Use environment
(temperature, humidity)
5-35°C, 10-80% (however, non-condensing)

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