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Special Inks

Direct printing on food and food packages with edible safe charcoal ink.
Charcoal is equivalent to food additive “vegetable terminal colouring matter.” The vegetable colouring matter is defined as “charcoal-based substances obtained by carbonizing plants”. Since we are using vegetable carbon which is compatible with food additives standard test such as purity test of vegetable carbon dye, weight loss on drying, ash contents, so there is no problem on food hygiene.

Metal nanoparticle inks active in printed electronics applications.
Metal nanoparticles stabilize the metal as it is nano-size by attaching a dispersant to the nano-sized metal surface and disperse it in the solvent. (It is said that it is very difficult to stabilize the metal as it is nano-sized since the substance becomes large and becomes unstable when the surface area with respect to the volume becomes larger and the aggregation is repeated until stabilizing the volume becomes large.) With this technology, metal nanoparticles became difficult to aggregate and precipitate, making it
possible to apply to inkjet inks.

Direct printing of non-permeable material is possible. UV curable ink which cures by UV irradiation.
UV curing ink is instantly cured by UV irradiation. One pass can clearly print full-colour printing on non-penetrating materials which were difficult to print directly, and it can be expected to be used as a substitute for label stickers.

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