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Pressure Belt Induction Sealer

Enercon’s new pressure-belt sealer allows induction sealing to be used where it was otherwise impossible. Successful sealing on both capless and non-torqued containers such as snap-on caps is now possible. Inner seals are either placed onto the capless containers or reside in the cap as inserted by the cap manufacturer. For capless containers the belt holds the seals in place as the containers are conveyed through the induction sealing field. Capped containers are likewise captured from above by the pressure-belt. For a capped application the belt applies pressure on the top of the cap forcing the cap to hold the inner seal in place during the sealing process. Enercon has developed a unique sealing coil for these speciality applications. It is powered by the same reliable power supply that is used in the air-cooled Super SealTM product line.

Torque-free snap-on cap sealing benefits:
• Reduce on-cap torque requirements
• Eliminate retorquing
• Clean and efficient induction technology

Capless application benefits:
• Eliminate costly and high maintenance condition
• Post sealing cooling and drying is possible
• Eliminate moisture build-up between seal and cap
• Improve quality control with leak tests on all containers


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