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Compact Dual SF

Compact dual SF is an automatic labelling system used to apply adhesive labels to two sides of flat packaging (as well as light or tall packaging).
Compact dual SF can be installed on automatic or manual production lines.
Compact dual SF is equipped with a top-level golf labelling head model with a colour touchscreen control panel and a self-supporting frame with a conveyor. Its universal structure allows for work in long and short production cycles.
Program memory and adjustments on trapezoidal spindles with meters allow for short retooling times.
Compact dual SF can be equipped with a thermal transfer printer to print additional information on the labels.

Advantages of the Device:

– Compact structure
– Program memory
– Easy retooling
– Versatility


LABEL WIDTH From 10 mm to 160 mm
LABEL LENGTH From 10 mm to 500 mm
LABELLING SPEED From 2 to 65 m/minute
LABEL ROLL DIAMETER From 270 mm to 410 mm
POWER SUPPLY 400 V or 230 V

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