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About Us

Opes Baltic has been operating on the market not so long, but our employees have more than 20 years of experience in industrial equipment. What you get is the knowledge and skills of the best specialists without overpaying big money for the company’s name.

Our mission is to fulfill the tasks we have set as soon as possible, so we choose to work directly with the manufacturers, keeping the price affordable.

Co-operating with us, you will get developed, well-thought-out technology, advanced equipment and work-in-progress guarantee.

We have developed our own logistics system and adapted it for our own needs for two years. In this industry, we are the only ones that ensure a balance between – price = quality.

  • Conveniently – by cooperating directly with the supplier, our customers receive a wide range of products at the manufacturer’s specific sales prices,
  • Simple – our customers need only to formulate the tasks and the progress of work we will do by ourselves, Opes Baltic specialists can help you find a solution for choosing equipment based on certain technical parameters (engineering)
  • Favorable – we save for you two things – your money and your time by making a preliminary job specification, choosing equipment and logistics.