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Sigma – I

Cap sealer is built in a compact, design to save space and provide easy movability from one line to another line. Each system consists of an inverter unit, control unit, soft touch display filled with a customised sealing coil. It provides an advanced, 100% solid state, and high-frequency heat generator featuring a wide output power range, high efficiency and microprocessor controls.
Movable: The machine is mounted on a wheel based unit, which provides added mobility. This makes it easy for line relocation.
Save Power: Latest Solid State semiconductor technology ensures reliability. It has more than 90% power conversion efficiency; therefore less power is required.
Safety / protection Alarms: Built-in protection circuitry for Over Current/ Over Voltage/ Over Temperature. All this comes at NO EXTRA COST. It is provided as a regular feature in all our equipments.
In-built Microprocessor controls: No extra PLC required. Save cost.
Universal Coil: Capable of sealing wide range of closure diameters. Less inventory.
Digital Soft Touch membrane control panel: For easy operator interface.
User-Friendly: No tuning, no tools, just plug it into 230 V single mains power supply, and seal.
Water Cooling System: Sigma-I houses the most efficient water cooling system. It consists of a pump, a small SS storage tank, water flow monitoring switch, cooling fans & a radiator.
Versatile: Small in size but big on performance, Sigma-I will seal closure from 25 mm to 80 mm
Speed: Sigma-I is designed to seal at the rate of 20-40 containers/minute
Safe, reliable, compact




Input 230± 10% V AC, 5 Amps, Single Phase
Max. Line Speed 15 feet / minute
Cap Size 25 mm – 80 mm
Net Wt./Packed Wt. 100 Kg / 175 Kg
Dimensions (WxDxH) 600 mm x 680 mm x 1450 mm

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