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Marte Pneumatic Dispenser

Semi-automatic system for applying labels on flat or oval products. The system is ideal for products that require precision application. The application is done through a pneumatic cylinder with a sucXon plate shaped to label size at the base. Once the product has been placed on the template, the label is sucked onto the plate (via the vacuum) through a manual start, and placed on product at the end of cylinder run.



Speed 5 to 15 m/min
Max. label width 100/140 mm
Min. label width 10 mm
Max. label length 500 mm (other sizes on request)
Max. container diameter 100 mm
Min. container diameter 20 mm
Engine type Step/step
Stop label reader Fork photocell or microswitch only for transparent labels
Max. label spool diameter 300 mm
Label spool core diameter Between 38 mm and 76 mm
Tolerance for applying labels at top speed 0.3 mm
Microprocessor-controlled electronic digital control unit and display It allows perfect adjustment of label progression, without resorting to mechanical movements of the photocell
Adjustments available – Speed dispensing,
– Application delay,
– Label air blow Xme adjustment,
– Label suction time
Motor block Aluminum crankcase with 4 adjustable feet
Weight Approx. 20 kg
Max. overall dimensions 850 mm x 500 mm x 210 mm
Power supply 220 or 110 V 50/60 Hz
Operating temperature Between +40°C and 0°C
Optional – Self-dimensioning sensor for automatic reading of product size,
– Sensor for detecting label on buffer,
– Supplementary buffer,
– Supplementary positioning jig,
– Hot/dry print group,
– Special photocell for transparent labels

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