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Special CIJ inks

Inks for surfaces which require special properties

High adhesion CIJ ink

Dye black ink with more adhesion and very good drying time

CIJ ink for marking on silicone and rubber

Pigmented ink to print on silicone and rubber, on black and white surfaces

CIJ ink for glass marking

Dye black ink for marking on glass and tolerant to moisture

CIJ ink resistant to alcohol

Dye black ink suitable to mark on surfaces which require resistance to alcohol

CIJ ink oil penetrating

Dye black ink to mark on oiled-surfaces

CIJ ink resistent to freezing

Dye black ink suitable to mark on surfaces which have to be frozen up to -30º C

UV security CIJ ink with blue reaction

Dye colourless ink which makes it visible when illuminated with UV light

Dye CIJ ink with tracer and legibility though scanner

The unique ink that cannot be forged

Colours available: black, red, blue, yellow and colourless.

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