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RN Mark E1-36 Industrial Inkjet Printer

Dual Head, Small Character Coding and Marking Printer.

RN Mark E1-36 is a high-resolution, dual head, small character industrial coder. It uses oil and solvent-based inks to print text, logos, counters, barcodes, time, and dates on a variety of porous & non-porous surfaces with superior print resolution.

The E1-36 connects to the network through Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and RS-232, so, it can be controlled and operated from anywhere in the production facility.


Why you should consider this printer:

  1. Two print heads – more performance, more capabilities
  2. Affordability
  3. Easy of operation
  4. High print speed
  5. Reliable and maintenance-free
  6. Withstands vibrations & temperature fluctuations

    8 Benefits of the E1-36 Printer

    1. Quick set-up – integrates easily into your production line
    2. Superior print quality – markings are easy to read & scan
    3. Print anything – graphics, images, logos
    4. Print on everything – code & mark any surface
    5. Stand-alone operation – no PC is needed
    6. No downtime – easy & rapid code change
    7. Turn-on & start printing – hassle-free operation
    8. No maintenance – print head stays clean



Technology Piezoelectric drop-on demand print-head, Single or bi-color
Print Speed 540 mm/s
Print Height Up to 36 mm
Print Length 9,000 mm
Throw Distance Max. 10 mm
Resolution 180 dpi
Ink Types Solvent-based, Alternative Oil-based Inks
Ink Colors Black, White, Red
Print Orientation Any angle
I/O Ports Ethernet, 3 PIN NPN Photocell x 1, 4 PIN Shaft Encoder x 1
Display 2-line LCD with functional keypad
Power 12V – 3.3A
No. of Print Heads 2
Ink Management Low ink alarm & Ink consumption calculator
Operating Temperature 0°C to 45°C, Relative humidity: 20% – 80%
Storage Temperature -5°C to 50°C
Dimensions Controller 1: 223 mm x 176 mm x 98 mm
Controller 2: 140 mm x 156 mm x 50 mm
Print head: 65 mm X 42 mm
Net Weight 1.850 Kg
Connectivity Ethernet, Virtual RS-232, Optional Wi-Fi module available

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